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Automatic Generation of Disk Space Analysis Reports

In addition to the ability to save disk space analysis reports manually, DiskSavvy Pro and DiskSavvy Server allow one to automatically save HTML, PDF, XML, text, Excel CSV or SQL database reports for each performed disk space analysis operation. This capability is especially useful for pre-configured, periodic disk space analysis operations and allowing one to keep track of disk space usage trends over time.

Automatic Generation of Disk Space Analysis Reports

In order to configure automatic report generation for a disk space analysis operation, open the disk space analysis options dialog, select the 'Advanced' tab, enable the 'Save Report' option, select an appropriate report format and specify a directory to save reports in. Every time the disk space analysis operation will be executed, DiskSavvy will save a report in the specified directory with an automatically generated file name, which will include the date and time of the report.

Disk Space Analysis Reports Directory

In addition, in order to prevent excessive disk space usage, the user is provided with the ability to automatically delete old report files from the reports directory while keeping a user-specified number of latest disk space analysis reports for future review and analysis.