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DiskSavvy Server Disk Analysis Charts

DiskSavvy Server provides multiple types of disk space analysis charts allowing one to display the amount of used disk space per directory, the percent of used disk space per directory, the number of files per directory and the percent of files per directory.

DiskSavvy Disk Space Analysis Pie Chart Extensions

In order to change the currently displayed chart, click on the chart type selector located under the chart and select an appropriate type of the chart. For each disk space analysis report, DiskSavvy Server saves the currently selected chart type and displays the selected chart when the user browses the disk space analysis report.

DiskSavvy Disk Space Analysis Pie Chart Directories

In addition, the charts dialog provides the user with the ability to copy the displayed chart image to the clipboard allowing one to easily integrate DiskSavvy charts into user's documents and presentations. In order to customize the chart's description, press the 'Options' button and specify a custom chart title, host name, date or time.