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DiskSavvy Enterprise OEM Version

Flexense provides system integrators, value-added distributors and IT service providers with the ability to resell DiskSavvy Enterprise and/or provide services based on the product under third-party brand names. Resellers and integrators are provided with the ability to change the product name, the product web site address, the product vendor name and the product vendor web site address.

In order to be able to set custom OEM product and vendor information, the user needs to register the product using a special OEM-Enabled unlock key, which may be purchased on the product purchase page. Once the product is registered using an OEM unlock key, open the 'About' page, press the 'Set OEM Info' button, specify your custom OEM product and vendor information and press the 'Save' button.

Custom OEM product and vendor information will be displayed on all pages of the DiskSavvy Enterprise web-based management interface, in all types of reports generated by the product and all notification E-Mail messages sent by DiskSavvy Enterprise.